Welcome to the official web pages of Tisá community – to the section for the visitors of the village.
Discover the beauty of the rocky areas of Tisá and its surroundings, experience our nature and history; set out for experiences and active relaxation, visit new places.

Why should you visit us?

Tisá village is a gateway to the romantic landscape of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which represent a part of a sandstone plateau created approx. 90 million years ago during the Cetraceous Period of the Mesozoic era.

The center of the village welcomes visitors with the late-baroque Church of St.Anna, where they can join a direct path to Tisá Walls. This path leads to the fantastic rock town with many bizarre sandstone formations, which also became the destination for filming tens of movies including the legendary Chronicles of Narnia.

You can also visit the less known rock towns in Ostrovské Walls and Rájecké Walls, which cannot however compete with the beauty of the renowned part of Tisá Walls.

Tisá, Ostrov, Rájec

A landscape full of mystery, the remarkable world of towering pillars of sandstone rocks, ravines, creeks, and deep forests represents an ideal place for relaxing and regenerating new energy. The natural beauty with picturesque coves, historical landmarks in the middle of nature, and wonderful outlooks encourages discovery and experience. Aside from traditional hiking you can also spend time rock climbing, cycling and kiting.

Tisá in winter

Winter Tisá has its unique charm. It is a popular place for skiers. The fans of the white trail can use cross-country skiing trails „Tisá – Sněžník - Ostrov – Rájec“, which offer a nice terrain, plenty of vistas and possibility of refreshment in villages they pass on the trails. You can also find a 400m long ski lift in Tisá together with a ski slope for kids and undemanding skiers.

The Elbe Sandstone Mountains Natural Preserve (CHKO Labské pískovce)

The rock towns around Tisá, Ostrov and Děčínský Sněžník are a part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains Natural Preserve, which was established on June 27th 1972 and its current area is 264 km2. Please, observe the rules of nature preservation and conduct your activities in a way that no nature is damaged nor any rare species of flora or fauna are endangered.