A popular rocky area above Tisá village, its core consists of Tisá Walls Natural Preserve, where nature conservation authorities allow rock climbing all-year-round with the exception of specified routes. The natural preserve also includes sectors called the Great Walls (Velké stěny), the Little Walls (Malé stěny), Bürschlické Walls (stěny) and Hřebenové Walls (stěny).


A popular sandstone area close to the border with Germany connects to Bielatal in Germany. The sandstone is usually hard here and does not take long to dry out after rain.


A sandstone area close to Rájec settlement and close to the border with Germany.

Děčínský Sněžník

Děčínský Sněžník, the largest mesa in Czechia, offers routes up to 30 m high in very hard sandstone. The walls, massive blocks are oriented southwards and southwestwards and can therefore be climbed soon after it has rained. There are many described boulders in the area.

The rules for climbing in sandstone rocky areas in Czechia

The whole area of Tisá Walls is a natural preserve, where it is necessary to abide by the principles valid for these areas.